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Based in Kent in the UK, I am a Digital Designer for a mobile specialist in the heart of the city of London.

This site is about the work I do away from work as a digital artist.

I am self taught in the software I use, namely Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro, Cinema 4D, Daz3D and Unity.


I'm have one game in the App Store and another on the way.


I'm passionate and enthusiastic about creating exciting pieces, be it a digital portrait or scene, or a game, or playing with motion graphics and lights to create different looks, I get immersed in experimenting to get the right look.

When I'm not experimenting and creating I'm usually at Tiger Pit CrossFit getting the wind knocked out of me with the WOD's, or at the theatre.

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My inspiration comes from everywhere, a scene in a film or TV, a certain look or style, an image.

I'm very drawn to the macabre, freak show, dark Victorian, and dystopian aesthetic.

Think Freak Show, 1984, and Metropolis.

Also from a Sci-Fi point of view, War of The Worlds, huge metal fighting machines in a Victorian era.

If I had to choose a design style I favour it's brutalism, though I rarely use it, I like the look and the moving away from what is considered orderly and 'correct'

Generally I can see something I like and be inspired, and then experiment until I get the look I was after in my head.